It is time to take a look around again at FBCO. 

It is time to take a look around again at FBCO.  More building is happening, and we are removing more barriers to getting into our church.  By the time you read this blog we will have a new front entryway.  That is right.  People get from the front parking lot into the church without having to encounter steps.  It will be a nice level path straight into the sanctuary.  Not even a step up to get into the front door.

But that is not all.  We have our foundation for the new addition, plumbing is roughed in and the concrete basement floor is in place.  This means we will start “building up” and getting walls put in place soon.  What does this mean?  It means we can possibly start using our new Welcome Center by mid-October.

God is truly blessing us.  Not only with how quickly the new addition is being built but by the excitement it is creating in our church, the potential to welcome more people to FBCO, and to have a space that will allow us to share Jesus’ love for others.

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