Improved Access is the Key

Improved Access is the Key

One of the primary reasons for this building project is to improve access for our visitors and members, whether that is access to the building or access between floors.

Recent work highlights these fundamentals.

The current front entrance has been refreshed. The porch has been raised to eliminate the need to step up into the church. A new ramp has been completed from the parking lot, eliminating the need for those with mobility challenges to maneuver up and down steps. New walkways have been poured to either side of the ramp, creating an updated entry. Lastly, new double glass doors have been installed.






Exciting progress has been made on our new welcome center. We have an elevator shaft! Why the excitement about a shaft?

That shaft had to be done before the first floor could be installed, before plumbing, before electricity, before exterior walls or ceilings, before the roof.

The completion of this elevator shaft means that other work can now begin in earnest.

Are you excited? I am!







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