Building a Church Community

Building a Church Community

It is time to take a look around again at FBCO. 

It is time to take a look around again at FBCO.  More building is happening, and we are removing more...

Things are happening at First Baptist Church of Oakville (FBCO), and we are building on in an exciting way. Hi, I am Wayne, and I am part of the committee working to have a new Welcome Center added to our church. It is a fascinating and enjoyable time to create new space at FBCO that will allow easier access into and throughout our building.

We look forward to how we can use the new space for all who come through the “Welcome Center” doors.

Construction is just getting started, so visit this blog often for continuous updates. Better yet, feel free to stop by the church in the coming months and see for yourself how the construction progresses. Seeing it in person will give you a better idea of why we, as a church, are excited about what God has planned for it.

Remember, our doors are open every Sunday for Bible Study at 9 AM and Worship 10:15 AM. Everyone is welcome, and I would love to talk with you in person about our new Welcome Center.

Until next time, may God richly bless you and your families.


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